December 3rd-4th, 2021

Watch Mad Max Gordon #1977
Timing and Scoring to follow

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Max is off at 10:22:06 - on course

11:50am RM67 Kellon is rumored to be co-dawging Max

sector 1 -31:09:8
sector 2 -51:28:9
I have Max as 5th on time thru sector 2
2 minutes back of Kaden Wells

12:22pm - 2 hours in , Max at RM86

12:38 pm , Max has started lap 2

Max's first lap 2:14:37.332
That puts Max just under 4 minutes behind Wells and 3nd N/A on time and road

Max is about 9 minutes on time behind the leading Turbo

15th overall of all Limited vehicles that have completed 1 lap

2:00 pm update
p2 on time -3rd N/A on course RM 72

Kaden Wells stills leads the class

Max is stopped at that RM

2:53pm update - still sitting


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