I don't see the St. Pete Grand Prix (or any US venues) on the SST website. I know we are in Dakar mode right now, but can we get a confirmation that they'll be in St. Pete?

(Also, can someone remind Robby to bring a merchandise trailer this year - there were a LOT of folks who would have bought gear last year if it had been available.)

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Race 2 picks.

Oh, there were some Indy Cars there too:

Thanks for sharing Alan!!

Thanks Alan! I was in that same exact spot last year. I left half way thru the Indy Car race to watch it in a bar. SST was just so much more exciting.

Thanks Alan. Glad to see that RHR picked up a podium.

Who is running the full schedule SST 2016? Lets see how many overalls Sheldon is going to get in a row!! I'm going with 5


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