Saturday September 18th 2021
400 mile Loop race starting and finish Ensenada
6am PT Motorbike start time
10am PT TT start time

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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As we get ready for BAJA, here's a little something to watch.

Quick FYI, I will miss the start of the race Saturday morning (PT) I have a HOA Annual meeting to go to, and I'm a Trustee. Nobody shows up in person for anything any more, so I shouldn't be to late.

Thanks for the video Mike! I/we have a wedding on Saturday so I'll be checking in sporadically.

from MadMax insta -Day 4 complete of prerunning and we’re done and ready for the race!!!

anyone know how qualifying is coming along?

TOG posted on the Planet F/B page-
Robby & Max Gordon were 3rd quickest in Baja 400 qualifying.


from highrevphoto

and RG is shown at the 22:00 min mk

thanks for that

truck looks smooth


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