Saturday September 18th 2021
400 mile Loop race starting and finish Ensenada
6am PT Motorbike start time
10am PT TT start time

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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Thanks Mike

a bobbychuck photo

Good luck RG!!!

don't forget to check refresh every 60 seconds, it's in the lt upper corner. I forgot to.

per weatherman- RG's tracker is not keeping up with him, first visuals should be at RM80 at approx. 11:45am PT

Thanks Mike.

RM 94 CK1 #7 12:02
#1 12:04
RG 12:07
#27 12:07:30
#11 12:10
#10 12:11

tracker seems to be working more accurately now

that was short lived

tracking gremlins


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