Is Robby racing his truck or one of the Potts trucks ? When is Max racing his utv again?

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RG is in

Just saw that. Tracker bar on right side shows him at RM 16.5.

Robby thinks he'll be 7-8th overall. IMO that's a solid starting position for the B500, which is what this stupid event is for. Hopefully SCORE/ Anube scoring fixes their SHIT SHOW scoring.

Score just ping'd the official results, RG 9th

I guess the first ping was not 'offical' official, RG is 10th now

@Mike, that Dam McMillin pass on Fishgistics over RG legal ?

Dan had a penalty, but that was for speeding. The Truggy has never been know for it's speed. I recall RG saying back in the BiTD winning runs, the Truggy was well 'slow'. The thing is like a rock, given how tough the course was yesterday, a rock was good.

I think it's also down on horsepower compared to the TTs, right?

Thanks Mike


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