Is Robby racing his truck or one of the Potts trucks ? When is Max racing his utv again?

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8th maybe. Wow ,nice update on scoring. Rob Mac is still not showing

Rob Mac stopped , blown tranny ;-)

I thought only BJ blew trannys

So far, so good, nice.

no jinx's, RG's scoring hasn't updated

Again, dam…

What we do know is. Scores scoring sucks again. My bad for giving them credit for improvements last year

60 secs ago
Gerardo Iribe Posted that RG is #6 in hot pursuit
from weatherman channel

Yeah my tracker has Robby at mm 16 still lol

#32 Ryan Arciero is near the finish, 3:33pm

RG back in the tracker.

RG is semi-tracking again. just waiting on the visual at


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