Is Robby racing his truck or one of the Potts trucks ? When is Max racing his utv again?

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that;s the one I have known as tracking light

Anyone have a live tracker for RG? Still showing him at RM 16.2, 1 hr 20 mins ago. But I watched him go through RM 55 on the drone footage awhile ago.

its score tracking same as usual IT SUCKS SO BAD IT BLOWS

Pete, did you note what time that was?

I did not.

Rob Mac, at CP1 , his tracking is mess'd up also 11:27
Leading on the road

Weatherman heard from mag 3 Robby was through there a few minutes ago

where's mag 3?

Rob Mac should be at CP2 anytime , if you hear Weatherman channel call it , please note the time

maby someone should tie a bell to RG so we can follow him better than score tracking

RG now showing at RM 165, 1 min ago.

Maybe 7th on the road.


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