Who all is at least thinking about going to Indy this year!?

1.) Scott
2.) TOG
3.) Texas SpeedDiva
4.) RGRacinFan (Jaci)
5.) Sarah
6.) speedy7
7.) Scott C
8.) IndyTim
9.) Spintrips
10.) Andy Jerdon
11.) Doug
12.) Bill Strano

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Ime considering a return to indy with my father to reunite him with some of his former employees at A A R: especially Hardy Allen. I dont Know details but will probably be around Roger ward Jr and gang. I need any info i can obtain to encourage a dinner with Robby but its still to soon to notify him of my plans. anybody with something along these lines can keep me posted and we can work something out. Thanks and take care.

Brian, I supplied various hardware items to AAR in the 60's & 70's. Through those dealings I came to

know and become friends with Hardy Allen. I must confess, I haven't kept in contact but you bringing up his name has really gotten my nostalgia pump going. It just incredible how the time seems to slip by. I will be at the race and the prior two weeks also. I would love to meet up with you and hopefully touch bases again with Hardy. This will be my 15th consecutive race and it will be the best should Robby compete. (....and W_ _, don't wanna jinx him.)

Yah Jim cool. I saw hardy thanksgiving week and he would like to see robby doin the the 500. he was hangin out helpin the nice folks at terrible hearbst M S for a while and they idled back a bit like everyone else. Ime going over to Van Dyne engineering in a few minutes to help dyno a class 1 motor for danny eberts car for parker and am hounding Stewart to go. I would love to put speed energy on their USAC midgets and fire up robby to play with these open wheel guys moore but i think he would respectivly decline and end up getting something from us instead? Funny how that works around this racing stuff ha? I have cool memories of swede salvage and jerry drant at our house for dinner when i was a kid. like to meet you also. Take care.

Jayme and Mo are considering it!!!
Been a ticket holder since '93... I'll be there and I'm only an hour away...LOL


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