November 30, 2010
8:00pm Military Channel

A one-hour special profiling NASCAR and off-road champion Robby Gordon visiting the troops on a U.S. military base (i.e. Fort Irwin). Gordon tours the facility and engages with the troops teaching Hummer off-road driving techniques and building morale.

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I liked that THEY too showed respect for Robby . " Mr Gordon " ? I couldnt help but snicker just a lil everytime i heard that . Its about time !!!! he got shown some respect . No he aint the other gordon or even a Kyle Petty but Robby DOES do alot of charity work he just doesnt get all the press for doing it that the others do
i saw it and it was a awesome show
Show was great. Pretty funny watching Robby crawl out of the tank.
Unfortunately the Military Channel is a bump up in tier on the DIsh network so I don't get it.....

That being said, there tends to be a proclivity here for such things to magically appear for your viewing pleasure :)
same for Directv...
Another good part is when Robby compares his Nascar team to the Wack A Mole kids game! Classic.
Anyone make a DVD they can share???
can anyone put it up on planet Robby for everyone to see! i have Driect Tv to


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