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shipping per case? great flag

If you're able to find it in a store, get it there first. if you're unlucky like me, living in Canada, you either have to take a trip or pay a large amount for shipping (shipped by weight... water=heavy)..

Love the flag too.. I wonder where it will look best in the rec room???
you are really missing out Scott!! Gotta Try em All!! Someone said that Ethanol is a mix of Octane and Fuel, but not certain.
Shipping is a bit insane. I was going to order the Ethanol, but yeah:

Sub-Total of Selected Items: $ 26.00
Shipping and Handling: $ 24.10

I will wait for it to make its way into stores around here!
could have a wrecked rec room with that flag in it.. US shipping rate .. could not imagine cost to Canada unlucky! very
cool beans... anyone know if ethanol will come in the 12oz can?
@ Kevin - It is, I mixed a 1 12oz Octane with 1 12oz Fuel together, and tried Ethanol (16 oz. cans sold 1/2 from my house, oh yea!) and its pretty much exactly the same, just not the same color. I'm still a fan of Octane and Fuel by itself myself, but Ethanol is pretty damn good too!
Ahh...Thanks for the info Shawn, I'll have to try it when it hits stores up here in MN
Flag is on the way to the house!


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