truTV announces star-studded slate of guest judges for new series 'Motor City Masters'
by jmaloni

Tue, May 20th 2014 08:50 pm

Guest judges include Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, Pete Wentz, David Justice and Robby Gordon

Competition show from Bunim/Murray Productions ("Project Runway") produced in collaboration with Chevrolet

truTV has unveiled the slate of guest judges and competition themes for the first season of "Motor City Masters," the search for America's next great car designer. Produced in collaboration with Chevrolet, the new competition series is set to feature such celebrity guest judges as actress and producer Melissa Joan Hart, actor Jesse Metcalfe, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, baseball great David Justice and former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. Also serving as guest judges will be celebrity dog trainer and bestselling author Tamar Geller, vice president of design for Mattel Hot Wheels Division Felix Holst, model and surfer Malia Jones, this summer's "Transformers: Age of Extinction's" master mechanic and fabricator of specialty cars Trevor Mann and GM vice president of global design Edward T. Welburn Jr.

Hosted by Brooke Burns and premiering Tuesday, June 24, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), "Motor City Masters" will bring together 10 experienced designers, with various specialties and backgrounds, all of whom share a passion for car design. Challenges on "Motor City Masters" will explore various aspects of design, inside and out.

In each episode, the contestants will have the ambitious task of creating new, fully functional (though not street legal) concept cars based on a theme that will showcase the each competitor's unique personality. The designs will be judged by Jean Jennings, president and editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine, and internationally renowned car designer Harald Belker.

Each week will be centered on a different theme, such as car character designs, which will tie in to the release of the new Michael Bay movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction"; body shape design, which will have the designers turning a Chevy SS into a NASCAR racing machine; and custom car designs, which will involve a Hot Wheels tie-in. Themes will also focus on different areas of car design, including technology, interior, body trim and functionality. The series will even touch on the automotive needs of busy parents and small business owners.

Competitors will be judged on their creativity, execution and forward-thinking design, among other criteria. The field will narrow with each elimination challenge until only the top two designers remain. These two competitors will then face off in front of Chevrolet's world-class car design experts, after which only one designer will be crowned "The Next Great Car Designer."

The winner of "Motor City Masters" will receive a new 2014 Camaro Z28 and $100,000 cash. The winner will also be named a brand ambassador for GM, with the opportunity to showcase his/her designs at major auto show exhibitions.

truTV has ordered 10 episodes of "Motor City Masters," which is produced for the network by Bunim/Murray Productions and The Story Lab, a division of Aegis Media.

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Sweet. Will he be on for all ten episodes or only a couple?

Sounds kinda cool like Monster Garage meets Overhaulin .

Here's a teaser

Sorry my photo is blurry but here's my entry. 29 ford -69 Jav rear deck with the fenders for hodd scoops exhaust manifolds for door handles ETC eTc.

That's pretty cool !!!
Kinda reminds me of the Munsters Coach

That is freakin cool!!!!!!!

"RatRod" contest my chapter of IPMS had at our show last April............front bumper is header collector sections..........looks friggen cool from the rear as well and from a "car guys" stand point I believe that's a very important aspect. I'll have to see what this show ios all about I just hope it's not all this trimmed nails this is my lifes story bullshit.

They allow RC trucks too ? Maybe I should hit your club up . I could enter the TT .
Anyone been watching the show ? It's really kinda cool . Robby ain't been on yet but , so far I like the show .
Episode 1 - they had to create a 2015 concept car using a Chevy Malibu
Episode 2 - they had to make a new Transformer from a Chevy Sonic
Episode 3 - they had to make a sports / beach runner using a Silverado Truck .
Each week they have a singles task to do to try and win immunity , they then break into teams to create the weekly tasks . With the losing team losing a team member .

I've been watching it but haven't seen episode 3 is alright


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