Friday August 30-Sunday September 1

Hello Planet members, I plan on attending Saturday 31st. If you would like to meet up for group get together, please post in this thread. Scott (aka TOG) will be there, Rob Harris (aka BobbyChuck) posted that he'll be there. It should be a fun time for all. Future details to follow.

Thank you,

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I'm going to try and make it. Should be fun. Please keep us updated on where to hook up.

Right now me and a few buddies are looking at an RV spot on the track but don't know if that will happen. Or even enough about the event to say it is worth it.
No matter what I am in for Saturday.

I am also planning on being in attendance on Saturday.

Hello All that are planning on attending the Portland Grand-Prix/ SST.
I simply bought a general admission ticket for SST, I also bought a paddock pass for IndyCar. I hope to see everyone that is attending. Roger Redifer will be there Friday, He'll update with SST pit location. I'll post up meeting location and time for Saturday only. Thank you, Mike

What is everyone's current plans. My full weekend plans busted so now might not even attend which is a bit crazy. MIke you still planning a down and back on Sat? Or are you staying Sunday now?

Kevin and all Portland attending members,I will only be in attendance Saturday. I’m still trying to put together a meet & greet with TOG and BobbyChuck (Robby’s Uprising)
Please reply in this thread if you plan on attending Saturday, this only apply’s the folks that have not previously committed.

Good to see there will be a planet turnout this weekend.

Just an FYI, the SST paddock is wide open to the public. The drivers usually get there a few hours before racetime and are easy to approach.

Saturday morning is a very tight schedule, but the best time to try and hook up with everyone will be when the drivers meeting is going on. I'll see what time that is.

Good morning from Portland. Just meet Randy.

Nice guy. Couldn't believe how in shape he was when I had a chance to meet up with him.

Always working

It was a fun day!

Good seeing the Planet folks at Portland. Wish I had more time to hang with everyone


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