Parker 425 it's on entry list is out !!!!! Time too smokem!!!!

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how about posting the link? here let me help
click on entries

Curious for Lofton in new jimco trick truck. Would be nice to see another speed logo on da side!

Impossible to do well. He hasn't been out testing it for months. /s

Thought so
Where is the best place to watch the race?

Las Vegas...with a drone/ really i'm just shittin around but this is one i'd like to make a return trip to Vegas........I left a few things there. Never forget sitting beside or behind or whatever the hotel and decided to lay back with my shoes "off"..........I was questioned by law enforcement to the extent of finding out "Hey man i'm from Buffalo" is worth something. "Never take your shoes off" I was told.

sucks i cant go boss going out of town that week end

I see "Speed Energy" listed on the #65 as well -

And the 15, and 1570 as well. :)

Would like to see it back in black! Lucks gotta change !

the tt is past due for an overall. this will be a cake walk for rg and the crew. p1 for 77

Qualifying 17th


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