No Parker or Mint this year ???

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I'm hoping for Parker!
Not on entry list or draw !!!

Aside from the SST racing schedule and the occasional SxS race, not much information about what is going on with RGM. BAJA 1000 was a huge effort with a disappointing outcome. Robby banned from racing BITD last year. Maybe that included this years 425 also?

all the SST's that where in Austria came back to NC for refurbishing, all the Stateside SST's are being refurbished.
What crew was there to prep the TT? Plus the Arctic Cat projects.
As for the B1K, yep ,RG probably was not happy about losing a belt than engine. That being said 21 of 31 TT's finished and 13th thru 21th where more than 2 hours back.
I would like to point out that 9 UTV's finished ahead of the Rip Snorting Honda Ridgeline , Rhys Millen bested him by 5 HOURS.
Robby's ban at BiTD is over, otherwise he wouldn't have raced the 150

Hope that helps

No Mint since that is the same weekend as SST Australia

Parker 425 we will see.

No draw or entry list..for parker.. Too bad for Mint It just keeps getting better and better...And lots of people love the Desert and RG is the biggest reason...Bummer..Especially since SCORE IS JUNK!!! Except for 500 ,1000 ...Bitd is what Score-HDRA was in late 80s and 90s...People come to see the RG...even when sitting on top of the rough riders pits and chase "stroppe" . All I know is you know when Robby was coming and the amounts of people stop everything fans pit chase whatever to stair shake there heads and say "ARE YOU F#CKING KIDDING ME" Parker, Mint,Vegas to Reno 500,1000, should be AUTOMATIC...
"We're a marketing company that's just happens to race" ...well..let's start racing in the dirt again!!

@Murf, 'should be AUTOMATIC...' the 500 and B1K are, and as the schedule permits some BiTD. SST in Australia are paid events, BiTD are pay events .Go to Parker and enjoy the BiTD event

Went to laughlin last year . First year back for bitd and actually wasnt bad . Does schedule permit for that ? Believe begining of May think 3-5 ish. Tough coming from hawaii.

Robby, Todd Romano and Sheldon Creed are on the UTV entry list for King of the Hammers.

Lots of $$$$ to race that trophy truck.......


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