Good evening fellow Planeteers! This week's article came about sort of by chance, or maybe by indirect request. Each morning I visit the "editing" section of the site, and while there I am given access to the "search" terms that have brought folks to our site. A few mornings ago, one of the terms I saw wasn't just a variation of our site name, anything containing, "NASCAR" or any of a hundred other general terms. This search was specific. It said only "History of North Wilkesboro." Well, if Google/Weebly thought we could answer that, I couldn't disappoint either them or that good soul that wanted information about one of my favorite tracks. If you'd be good enough to click right about here, you can read what I do know about the old track, and some of the wonderful fun times we shared there with other race fans. I'd love to state unequivocally that she shouldn't have died, but I didn't own her, so I can't with good conscience do that. I can promise you that I don't believe she should have died. Read on and find out why.

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