Good day Planeteers! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend! In NASCAR, "IT'S BRISTOL BABY!" but I've gotten ahead of myself. True confessions... this piece went up yesterday, and I forgot to post it here. Senior Moment! Forgiveness is assumed. ☺ This is a little discussion on the Xfinity (Busch Series to the old-school fans) race at Mid-Ohio. Ever watched racing in the rain? We did last weekend, and if you'll be kind enough to click right about here, you can read my take on it. Hint: It may not be what you expect.
As always, thanks for reading. Wish I could get to Charlotte to see Robby race. Alas, it shall not be, but I can still wish.

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I agree. I thought it was one of the most entertaining races so far this year. The weather added another element to race other than the usual fuel strategy. When to switch from wet tires to slicks and back again was very important. And yes, NASCAR still doesn't have a grasp of what a local yellow (corner yellow) is and I hope one day they'll learn.

I thought so many of those kids did a terrific job of acclimating to the wet track and taking it more or less in stride. I was downright proud of them. I've watched F1 race in the rain and have seen the "best in the world" not do as well with the conditions as our second tier series did last week. NASCAR does need to figure out that local caution thing; I've no idea why but they have just never caught on to that. Maybe they don't have room for another flag in the bucket? That is just a waste of everyone's time when they could just keep right on rolling through most of the track. Maybe someday...☺


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