From Robby Gordon:

"I personally want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during what has been the most difficult time of my life. We are truly grateful for all the love and support my family has received. That being said, I want everyone to know that the Mike's Peak Hill Climb Challenge, October 13th-16th in Baja California, Mexico, WILL GO ON as scheduled.

In honor of my father, "Baja Bob" Gordon, we will change the name of the event to " Baja Bob's Mike's Peak Ultimate Race To The Top", as he would have wanted us to keep on following our dreams and continue racing. Thank you and hope to see everyone there!"

For those wishing to attend or compete in the race, please visit

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Thanks Brian! It's not a street course so what did Sheldon contact to push his hood up? I'd like to see that footage. I'm hoping there's a lot of video the little I've seen looks great, hoping this thing blows up!

Baja Bob's Mike's Peak Saturday Race 1 Results.
1. Robby Gordon - 17:08
2. Sheldon Creed - 17:29
3. Apdaly Lopez - 17:59
4. Juan Carlos Lopez - 18:02
5. J.T. Taylor - 18:40
6. Robbie Pierce - 18:57
7. Gerardo Iriebe - 19:08
8. Danny Stinson - 21:08
9. Nick Tonelli - 21:10
10. Myles Wyatt - 21:31
11. Melanie Diaz - 23:50
12. Eyam Joyner - 27:01
13. Lyle Tonelli - 28:18
14. Matt Brabham - DNF
15. Todd Romano - DNF
16. Steve Bechard - DNF

Baja Bob's Mike's Peak Saturday Race 2 Results.
1. Robby Gordon - 16:51
2. Sheldon Creed - 17:13
3. Apdaly Lopez - 17:31
4. Juan Carlos Lopez - 17:49
5. Matt Brabham - 18:27
6. Robbie Pierce - 18:50
7. Todd Romano - 19:54
8. Gerardo Iriebe- 20:07
9. Nick Tonelli - 21:11
10. Myles Wyatt - 21:15
11. Steve Bechard - 21:27
12. Danny Stinson - 21:47
13. Melanie Diaz - 23:32
14. Eyam Joyner - 24:41
15. JT Taylor - 45:35

Wow some great times from 1 to 2. Mike I think RG was joking about beating 14:20. That said the pro2 that Menzies used is prob way better than a SST. Also who know how many attempts he had to make that time.

I hope this event grows and grows each year. Would be great to get more people and truck at the show.
Great stuff. Seems TG is following RG around. Hopefully they continue to Dakar.
maybe Baja 1K,

Despite the light turn out this event has good potential. Historically the off-road community is slow to buy in to a new event. That, combined with the event scheduled too close to Bluewater and the Baja 1000 didn't help. There's a 9 week opening in the off-road schedule (SCORE & BITD) in 2017 between the Baja 500 and Vegas to Reno. I know temps are in the 90's down there in July - just adds to the challenge. Mike's swimming pool will get a lot of use.

Looking forward to Bryce proving a 14 minute run is possible

He won't show because he knows he can't back up his lie


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