Let me be the FIRST! Is Phoenix a S&P? :)

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Maybe as he only drove 25 laps on Monday he can run the full race!

to bad Robby can't use all the tires he leased for the Datona 500.

photo courtesy of Johnny

Stupid question, but why can't he? Go ahead...let me have it!!

superspeedway tires vs normal race tires. every track has specified codes that are run rt and lt.
I was really teasing the folks that think Daytona was a S&P. you don't spend monet on tires you not going to use.

Thanks for not crushing me! I have limited knowledge of the sport, very limited with respect to the leasing of tires and motors. I was super lucky to have met Robby at an autograph session with my wife and got invited to join his crew in the pit box at Richmond. HOOKED ever since...a GREAT guy and crew!!

daymmnnn, that sucks

I hope you all took this thread with tongue in cheek as it was intended!


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