Jan 16th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 13 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 13 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. This is the final stage of the rally. Thank you all for supporting the planet, and hope to see you back next year. Robby Gordon start time: 7:02am/et,



Connection 519km | Special Stage 180km | Total 699km


Aspiring winners will certainly be those who find the 180km of the day’s special section the most difficult, designed with twisty, undulating routes, faster sandy and rocky sections… leading to significant levels of stress. For most of the others, the 699km to be covered before reaching the podium in Rosario will be a relief. To be enjoyed without moderation…

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Thanks for the fun and emotional times of the last 2 weeks.
Thanks to everyone that contributed to this site.
Hopefully we will be here again next year.

Thank you everyone for coming and spending your morning here at the Planet and with myself. Personally, thank you for finding interesting video's and content. I've enjoyed the two week roller coaster that is DAKAR with you all.
Robby and Kellon just need to make it to Rosario.

1. Loeb
2. Hirvonen +1m13s
3. Al-Attiyah +1m36s
4. Desperes +1m36s
5. Poulter +2m4ss

17. GORDON +10m9s

Sorry the results weren't what we all had hoped for, but nevertheless, hopefully we will get to see this again in 2017.

Thanks to those who have thrown support to the planet. We'll try to keep it going. Lots of good things happening in 2016.

A few sitemailed me that they couldn't see the contribution link, so here it is


Thanks again!

Team and incar Videos from stage 9 and stage 10 are now online


I was watching Headline News yesterday and they were doing a story on the 33 Chilian miners and the guy is still wearing his SPEED Energy hat that he wore on Letterman and just now on FOX News a truck drove by with a bunch of orange carrots on the side truck name: GORDON

Thank you all for your good spirit and enthusiasm !
See you next year for another try at this monster .
Gas on RGM .

THANKS to all that make Planet happen. Congrats to all the entrys sorry the ASO has managed to F up one of the BEST races on the planet.

I will be back for whatever RG runs this year. (unless, were also racing then well be there!)

As for us our first race in the unlimited class will be the BITD Mint 400 in March. PM me if anyone is going I usually grab some extra main pit passes at driver signup. See ya all in the Dez!

Thanks for the nice offer and good luck!

You know I will be there my man!

Felt this could have been the year, especially with the second car, But once again, big money and factory support wins out. 50 more weeks till next year.
Hope he tries it again, but if not, who could blame him.

I didn't get to spend as much time on here as I wanted but the time I did was fun and informative,
Thanks TOG and the rest for doing all that you do for us!!!!!!!!!!
Hope we all can do this again next year!!!


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