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SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 – RACE DAY 2 5:45 AM – Staging – 6:50 AM Escort – 7:15 AM Start Start on California Avenue, Downtown Parker Class Trick Trucks, 1500, 6100, 6200, 6800

I always seem to forget Parker is Mountain Time, there racing

I seem to recall #25 (currently top 5) Jax Redline recently tested a SST in NC

Apdaly Lopez co-driving

Toby Price co-driving #54,should be in the truck now

No RG on tracking.

RG did not plan on racing, only Q

Odd to go down and not race. Any idea why?

testing,Q testing is a straight up honest test session. Max and RG raced last weekend. This week there's footage with RG meeting and greeting and selling Speed UTV's

Interesting to see the "nose down" look of the Uni. Biting the dirt and moving forward. Doesn't look to float over the bumps like the V1.0 of the TT.


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