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Tanner Foust went 332'

Was that that Hot Wheels Indy jump ?


The marketing couldn't have been that good, Chich's attempt was over a year ago,and some are just now talking about it.

Just because they did not market it well, Plus they crashed; Does not mean that an event does not hold value if done correctly! Especially if toyo or traxxas foots the bill. Then it would be excellent marketing for RGM.

So your think'n Toyo does a better job of marketing than M? Really!
quickly, who set the speed record for a TT?

Ya, I can't remember either, it's not someone wins 'races'

@MK, Actually yes I do think Toyo does a better job of marketing then M. Look how Toyo has grown since it inception. It invests in winners like Robby and SST.
Just thought it would be cool to see RGM break the record that it. Not saying Speed will be bigger than RB or M after. Done correct it all parties could get good PR out of it. that all I'm saying

Really, Toyo? What is your metric to measure better job? YoY revenue? New Customers? Repeat Customers? IMO RB markets better than anyone, based on the caliber of their athletes, the diversity of athletes, the number of TV Programs they produce, etc. M is #2 to me.

@Bricoop, yes man you nailed it. IMO RB does the best of all drinks/tires any of them. And the little Blonde that drives the RB Mini to Squaw once a Week .... Slow Down

Bajaready must be a TOYO employee. Perception vs reality

I forgot,Chich was a TOYO athlete at time of this attempt.That blows the theory TOYO is awesome at promoting.
I do enjoy the rumble of the Chevy LS powerplant.


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