Drove down to Daytona for the 500 weekend and stopped at the shop. It was relayed to me in a pre trip phone call that Robby would prolly come out and greet us if he was around when we did. Well me and my girl Cathy did just that and it seemed Robby had stepped out for I bit I guess but ...all in short, we brought along some Beef Jerky for the shop and some how after making and selling like .....30 pounds we brought no where near enough for what we ran into. All in all with little to no detail of our visit we were treated to HOSPITALITY and .................that was beyond what we could imagine. Being on a ROLLED CHANGE VACATION this was a crown jewel for sure...... We stayed our 4 nights at a Farm Animal sanctuary where everything roams free ...''ceptin the pigs... at dimes to the dollar for other Daytona digs. No long story here .....But a HUGE THANK YOU to the gent and Robby Gordon Motor Sports for a stop we were ill properly prepared for ...hell....if done right ...next time we'll bring 15 pounds of ROAST BEEF and a gross of CHICKEN WINGS and supply lunch..........Buffal Style. Again .....THANK YOU ....

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Thats awesome!


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