Saturday June 12th 2021
466 mile Loop race starting and finish Ensenada
6am PT Motorbike start time
10am PT TT start time

Robby starts 12th based on the 250 finish

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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any time now

in now if you want to watch the footage.7:53PM

What a mess the Finish. Mike as always Thank You for taking the time.

Yes, agreed. Thank you Mike for all the links and everything.

No official results have been posted, there appears to be some controversy. Sunday 8:00am

Still haven't ...

And Luke with the speeding penalty is the difference ...

at this point , we know Andy McMillan is not the winner, he stated on Instagram that he received a 30min penalty.

it's 3:30PM PT, and the race results are not official yet.

here some footage -NOT RG and Max, but a good idea of the course as seen by a class 12 racer.


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