Saturday June 12th 2021
466 mile Loop race starting and finish Ensenada
6am PT Motorbike start time
10am PT TT start time

Robby starts 12th based on the 250 finish

Timing and scoring, livestream info to follow

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for what ever is worth, Bryce is out also

it 's looking like a McMillin will win, Luke or Andy is the question

SRX thingy is on reg TV. Short track, Biff on the pole for this heat. THe Biff has a ton of short track laps.

Tracy/ Waltrip, first caution of the series, no shit, never would have predicted that ! sarcasm

Biff is out ...

backup car now.

for what ever it's worth, this track is like Portland Speedway when it was paved. Biff was a Champ there in a big spring car.

Good on Doug Coby

I can see that many in social media have never been to their local short track, because this SRX race was a boring race. Visit your local track track for a better race.

Yeah SRX was pretty boring

The McMillans are headed towards the fork, than the finish.


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