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"Dont hold your breath for the new Dodge engine!! The head engineer for GEM was on Sirius radio today and when ask when the new engine would hit the track he said maybe once or twice this year and maybe full time next year. "

All I know is, I don't want Robby being a guinea pig! LOL!

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In a similar vein, I wonder if the "Charger" bumper cover has been approved yet, or if they are still required to use last years "Avenger" nose? Not that it really matters, but I'm still curious after the big flap it caused in the begining of the year.
still using the old part.
I wouldn't mind back to Chevy, but if he does go back he better stick with it, not going to get much manufacturer backing if he keeps switching. I cant argue with the Toyota power and the fact that they give all their teams the same support.
Quite honestly, power plant has not been the issue. RG could have an extra 100hp and it would be meaningless. They can't get what power they have now down on the track. Last week may have been the exception.
I love the idea of chaning manufactures EVERY season!
Non Chase contenders probably means Robby, Patrick and Sorrenson get the Kaboom motors.
i believe that if i was RG and "maybe not" staying with Dodge next year. i would tell them to pound sand with a "new" engine, and try and keep my car in the top 35. i guess though that would mean he would have to leave afer telling them that! haha
I don't think Dodge or GEM could force Robby to try and "experimental" engine without doing something to make it worth his while.

So if we do hear of Robby running one of the new engines later this season, I think we can be sure he both agreed to it, and is getting something beneficial out of the deal.
maybey put Dodge Dealers on the car as sponcership?
Perhaps, but it would have to be more than a one race deal if it put RG in risk losing owners positions.
I think it's also economics. Supposedly, Ford's motor is on the shelf because they have such an abundance of parts and are not willing to just toss them in the trash. That's their story. Can Dodge be much different?
RG testing for GEM.

Sounds like the DEI experience all over again


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