Hopefully Robby gets his qualifying much better today.Although I know it really makes no difference for a plate race. It's usually a crap shoot.

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Impound race...Will qualify in race set up......33rd is my guess. Who cares at Daytona......If he qualifies well...good chance he is going to fall 2the back anyway....
Optimistic for a good run but the reality is the man isn't much of a qualifier. If he drops out of the top 35, I think he's in big trouble. This weekend will tell us alot. I'm feeling big problems at RGM. I wish they'd the loyal fanbase more informed. Who else is feeling a little slighted??
I don't think falling out of the top 35 is as bigger deal as it would have been (not that want him to fall out) a year or two ago because there are less teams trying to make the show. The # 40 is gone and I can't see the # 49 coming back and doing well either. He will only have to beat really poor teams at most tracks. Having said that the pain of 2005 still hurts when I think back to it !
Don't remind me of 2005 - it was horrible!
I think we should take up a collection and sponsor the car this weekend... LMAO

Sorry..couldn't resist!
I think he will qualify 20th. I hope he qualifies in race trim.
If you don't do the lottery..................you should! Well predicted.


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