April 30th- May 4th 2023


RG and Max are scheduled to compete with SPEED UTV's

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RG, Todd and Max listed on this page https://www.norra.com/vehicle-entries.php?page=3&era=6

Start times
RG 10:56
Todd 10:56:30
Max 10:57:30

RG partnering with NORRA's Mike and Alsayo, watch starting at the 18:00 min mk.

todd and robby apear late to santo tomas

hope they start on time

all three Speed car's were in line on time per video from Rob Harris, see Rob Harris live posted earlier.

max running strong.. all speed utv's underway

norra live has robby in car. super cool stuff

side note, Rob Harris and Scott(TOG) are in attendance to cover the event for RG,


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