Friday October 20th- Saturday October 21st, 2023

For all things NORRA 500,

Look for SPEED UTV's for RG, Max, Todd

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And I see Scott (TOG) was on an airplane this morning (Wed) to be at this event.

Pro Turbo UTV and Pro 2000 Qualifying today (Thursday) 12:30- 3:00 PM PT.

Mad Max P1 in Q 2:35 RG 2:45 in a production Bandit
First 'race' class starts Friday 7:30AM PT

RG's 10 second slower Q was good for P3

Livestream will be here

Timing and Scoring TBA

cars are on course, Livestream is not up at 8:38PT

will max or robby have live in car this race?

I saw a YT this morning and it was showing a Starlink on I believe Max's car, time will tell

RG just went live on his Instagram account


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