Saturday April 17th 2021.
280.2 mile LOOP course, starting and finishing in San Felipe
TT's start at 9:00AM PT
Thursday April 15th 2021 Qualifying 7:30 AM PT
Robby Q's 24th

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Bryce is away

Robby is on course

reportedly, RG has passed the 10 for 5th on course RM51

Fishgistic's is live on FB¬if_id=1618678831011525¬if_t=live_video_explicit

running order at RM51
7/ 1/ 31/ 21/ 77/ 10/ 79/ 23/ 22

tracking is off on this Southern part of the course

Tracker gremlin at it as usual

we may have to wait until the TT's get to Check 1 RM105 for accurate info via visual

I see the tracking still sucks ...

Sheldon Creed is racing t Richmond now, currently doing pit speed check- 7 red

Robby's tracker is now updating


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