Saturday April 17th 2021.
280.2 mile LOOP course, starting and finishing in San Felipe
TT's start at 9:00AM PT
Thursday April 15th 2021 Qualifying 7:30 AM PT
Robby Q's 24th

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thru RM105
7/ 1/ 31/ 21/ 10/ at 10:44-10:54

RG's tracker just pinged RM117 at 11:06

and tracking went down for me

me too

tracking is back up
wait for updatess


unofficially I have RG 9th on time thru CP1
currently RM161 at 11:57

5X has completed the Motorbike race. 6:12 was their total time

RM190 12:31

Check point 2 RM228 coming up for the leaders

RM214 12:51

RM236 1:11
Thru check2 7or8th same time as the Herbst truck on time



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