January 3rd- 15th 2021 100% Saudi Arabia

Robby Gordon is not scheduled to compete.

Saudi Arabia is +8 hours on Eastern Time / +11 on the West Coast.

January 3rd-8th, the Rally Raid starts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and races South than East before racing to North to the city of Ha'il.

January 9th, Rest Day Ha'il

January 10th-15th, the Rally Raid continues from Ha'il through the North Eastern area of Saudi Arabia before heading to West, than South along the Red Sea, finishing in Jeddah.


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Rumors are Shorty had water in the fuel as the cause of the Stage DNF and Withdrawal , ASO provides the fuel.

Oh wow, that would not be good if rumors are true. Not a good way to go out.

I was looking forward to following him and hoping he would do well.

yeah I watched an interview with him and he said it was definitely a fuel issue because he changed everything and could only get it to run for a few minutes. He didn't say water but just a fuel issue.

Joan Barreda has started Stage 3

The curse of leading off the line continues. Barreda -8min Brabec-5min with 6 riders thru WP1

Looks like Toby Price won Stage 3 with Ricky 21 Back and Barreda 24 back. Benavida came in second.
Cars looks like Nasser with Peterhansel 3rd Loeb 6th Sainz 21st 31min back

Skyler Howes looks to be leading the Overall in Bikes

Stage 3 motorbikes
12:03 Price wins!
He began the special in 29th position, but Toby Price soon soared into the wake of Kevin Benavides. Although the Argentinean held off Price for the first 262 kilometres, in the end he has had to make do with a nonetheless impressive second place, a little more than a minute behind the Australian, who has picked up his 13th stage victory in Ad-Dawasir.
12:40 Howes takes the lead in the general standings
With the fourth best time on the day’s special, Skyler Howes takes over form Joan Barreda at the top of the general standings. The former rival of title holder Ricky Brabec in the USA now possesses a lead of 33’’ over Argentinean Kevin Benavides and 1'28 over Frenchman Xavier De Soultrait.


stage 3 cars
12:33 The cars reach the finish
The first drivers are starting to reach the finishing line. Nasser Al-Attiyah, who set off first following his victory yesterday, currently boasts the best time ahead of his rival Stéphane Peterhansel. We will have to await the arrival of Henk Lategan in particular to see if Al-Attiyah has picked up a third success since the prologue.
13:48 Peterhansel takes over the reins
Stéphane Peterhansel and his co-pilot Édouard Boulanger managed to avoid the navigational pitfalls to gain time in the general standings on their team-mates Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz. “Mister Dakar” now boasts a lead of 5’09 over Nasser Al-Attiyah and more than 26’ over Mathieu Serradori. Occupying fourth place, Sainz now trails the Frenchman by 33’. However, tomorrow, Peterhansel will have to open the way…



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