October 8th -10th 2020

10/8 is Q day
10/9- 10/10 race days
Robby and Max are both scheduled to race this weekend


I have NO idea how this event is covered via liverstream, timing and scoring. I'll update in the thread as I find content.

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So was the time I posted, overall ? I'm guessing yes. P2 is pretty stout ....

I have no idea what the actual scoring is, is terrible. Just now they show the leader 1962 on lap 2 at 3:48. They went thru RM12 L2 at 3:12.
I have not heard any other position updates on Weatherman. 1962 went thru CK13 at 3:46

from FB 3min ago Max and Robby p3 lap 2 mm28

P3 after 2. For now

any tracking

@Tim, it's scoring only - no tracking

thanks mke

@Tim, and the scoring sucks

there was a radio interrupt on Weatherman that sounded like RG, asking for a primary clutch. 4:22

possible primary clutch issue.


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