October 8th -10th 2020

10/8 is Q day
10/9- 10/10 race days
Robby and Max are both scheduled to race this weekend


I have NO idea how this event is covered via liverstream, timing and scoring. I'll update in the thread as I find content.

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2:00 PM PT start time
livestream is like my Concast/Xfinity internet service- F'ing spotty. It makes for a pain in the ass for Michelle's distance learning Zoom meetings.

2:08 start for Dodge

Max and RG stating now 2:10

5 laps race - 8 hr time limit

Is the new Speed UTV racing this weekend?

I do not believe so, it has arrived

Sector 1 -Max- P3 -50 seconds

RM 18 dog fight with 2nd- 4th, Max 4th

timing and scoring sucks

it appears that scoring has updated and Max lost 4 minutes in sector 3 on the first lap , P4


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