October 8th -10th 2020

10/8 is Q day
10/9- 10/10 race days
Robby and Max are both scheduled to race this weekend


I have NO idea how this event is covered via liverstream, timing and scoring. I'll update in the thread as I find content.

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Thanks Mike !

Looks like the site you posted is going to have a live stream.

Thanks, today they show livestreaming.

Would be cool if they streamed qualifying...would love to see Max, Todd and Robby wheel it!

Q is today (Thursday) 12:00noon PT ( interestingly Havasu City is the same as PT, while the rest of Az. is MT )

per the UTV site, livestream is Friday and Saturday is scheduled for 11:00 AM PT
click on the live screen- the menu will pop up.

5:54.400 was the lap. 21st starting position I believe ...

So, in tonight's presentation from Havasu, RG said he Q'd for Max in the N/A class. P2 in Q. Todd was P11.
So, a good starting spot for Max.
In Pro Turbo (Q the DAKAR Turbo XX ) RG was 21st

Weatherman will also be broadcasting during the UTV W/C

utvunderground on Instragram has a lot of content for this event.

Live stream is horrible.

pretty confused by the results and the live scoring

Are Max and RG on course?


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