All times are Pacific Time
August 12th- 14th
Q is Wednesday the 12th 8:00PM
Friday, August 14, 2020
5:45 AM Motorbike Start
8:45 AM Trick Truck Start
RG Q's 32nd

Stay tuned for tracking and livestream INFO

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Good to see RG on Fishgistics. To bad he had to get going.

5th in qualifying- wow- lookin forward a podium..!? ;-))

I just got a message from TOG, if they can get the livestream up and going. It will be on the Planet, SST FB pages possibly Speed UTV.

I miss posted the 'start time' for TT's. 8:45AM is staging time.

10:00AM is the TT start time.

Where is live feed?

see my posts above the Q picture.


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