Looks to be a good turn-out for the 2019 Baja 400. Race day on Saturday, September 21st at 1pm/et (10am/pt)

Robby Gordon will start 17th in the #77 RPM OFFROAD Truck

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rm334 old

rm338 5:32

Rg is in position to pass other TT's that started ahead. Stay tuned

p9? rm351

40 miles left, currently in 8th position and moving on !!!

Once they hit the Highway that's it.35 mph from that point to finish. Time should be clocked at the highway but they aren't that smart. We shall see on corrected

BJ on finish line, the tracket has a lot of delay

Pics from pitstop

Great shots, thanks TOG.

Fish is doing the math …. This will be close on the first 6/7 Trucks

See if they screw up the Finish line

RG close to Finish


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