Looks to be a good turn-out for the 2019 Baja 400. Race day on Saturday, September 21st at 1pm/et (10am/pt)

Robby Gordon will start 17th in the #77 RPM OFFROAD Truck

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Yes, RPM TT/Truggy. The finishing position from the 400, sets the starting order for the B1K. That is why there’s a big turn out.

10-4, thanks for the info. Glad to hear RG is back in the Truggy...he had good luck with it in the past.

FishGistics is reporting Team RG lost his trailer momentarily with the SPEED pre-runner loaded, someone pulled the hitch pin when they weren't looking.

That is why I always use a locking pin and padlock the latch lever

Here is Robby's Intagram posts

Starting Grid for Saturdays BAJA 400

88 Brett Sourapas
97 Robert ‘BJ’ Baldwin
70 Kevin Thompson
27 Jonathan Brenthel
6 Ricky Johnson
89 Mike Walser
40 Chris Miller
99 Dale Dondel
21 Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Vildosola
50 Zak Langley
41 Justin Lofton
10 Alan Ampudia
31 Andy McMillin
30 Robbie Pierce
32 Ryan Arciero
11 Rob MacCachren
77 Robby Gordon
7 Bryce Menzies
16 Cameron Steele
14 Bobby Pecoy
19 Tim Herbst
26 Dave Taylor
33 Todd Tuls
83 Luke McMillin
54 Troy Herbst
9 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez
85 Mike Lawrence
28 Corey Keysar
23 Dan McMillin

OK, two days before the BAJA 400 and NO pictures of Robby's vehicle or anything on PLANET ROBBY. Does anyone have a picture or know where we can get it? Facebook? Instagram?...ANYONE!!!!

it’s the same RPM TT/Truggy, lots of pics from previous races.
Only thing new,new for this event ( besides being the First SCORE 400 ) is pre-running the new SpeedSXS XXXX four seater.

Raceday on Saturday, Septgember 21st at 10am/pt (1pm/et)

Gordon will start 17th.

Heck YEAH! The Planet is back! Thanks for the Pic and tracking link guys!



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