When: July 15th - 17th

Where: Exhibition Place

#1 - Sheldon Creed
#7 - Robby Gordon
#9 - Max Papis
#20 - Dustin Scott
#30 - Paul Tracy
#57 - Bill Hynes
#67 - Paul "The Dude" Morris
#78 - Sara Price
#83 - Matt Brabham
#87 - Toby Price
#93 - Russell "The Muscle" Boyle
#98 - PJ Jones

Weekend Schedule:
Friday, July 15
Practice - 1:00pm/et
Saturday, July 16
Race #1 - 3:00pm/et
Sunday, July 17
Race #2 - 1:40pm/et

Livestream: TBD

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Good driver line up. Should create some "moments" shall we say.

Very good lineup very surprised to see Toby price and very surprised to see Max seems like the fields keep getting stronger
That's Max "Glass Jaw" Papis. Watch out for the girlfriends Max.

Paul Tracy! He's going to go again? He is a fantastic announcer also.

live now

Paul 'the Dude'
really good race between Matty and Sheldon
really narrow race track, I have no idea how IndyCars can 'race' there

11. Max Papis
12. Bill Hynes

That was one race where is the competition caution didn't come out it was going to get crazy

half an hour away


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