Join in and discuss all the action for the 2016 B.I.T.D. Parker 425. Robby Gordon is driving the #77 SPEED Energy Trick Truck. Qualifying is on Thursday,February 4th & the race is slated to begin at 4:30pm/et on Saturday, February 6th.Robby drew the 24th qualifying position.

Schedule of events-

2nd Start Staging 12:15 PM/PT – Start 1:30 PM/PT – escort to start line is at 1:10 PM?PT, Start 1:30 PM/PT. Staging will be at the Parker Python and the Start will be on Calif. Ave. (Downtown Parker.)

6:00am/pt - Race1 - 1000, 1100, 1200, 1700, 2000, 2400, 3000, 3700, 5000, 6000, 8100
1:30pm/pt - Race2 - 1400, 1500, 4400, 6100, 7200, 8000

Scoring link

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Busy Week in the West ....

Busy week is right. Wish sanctioning bodies could deconflict better... KOH, Parker, Supercross and Monster Jam within 48 hours of each other. Tough decisions for motorsports fans.

LMAO, non of those are available in the North West. Monster Jam? is there a WWE event also?

Actually there is . Rotflmao

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LOL guys!! Robby is in the trick truck? Is that the truck he drove in Vegas to Reno or is it the normal 77 trophy truck? any pics

His TT, I called it a Trick Truck because BiTD calls them that.
Maybe tomorrow for a pic, non available at time of posting the thread

thanks mike

Holy sweetness!!

unloading in Parker this morning

Thanks Mike
Awesome !!!


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