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At 5:15pm on January 15, 2015, yano said…

hey ,

again thx really apreciated it .

i grew up arounf these little guys .
the one on my profile is actually a LJ81 two seater pick-up (flat bed drop sides 0.8 liter power house) .
when i lived i miami (98>10)i also collected (yes for free!) a lj10 without engine .
i recently found one in seattle and had it rebuilt then ship to france .
it is a 359cc 2 stroker 2cylinders air cooled beast (no , no racing intended with this great grandpa !) .... sorry i'm getting out of track .
LJ80 were built from 79 till 82 then SJ410 came then SJ413 and the one you know better the samurai .
but before the 80 there was lj50 , 20 and LJ10 .
i am really into robby's way of "doing it".
make me recall schlesser and magnes his navigator that i came to know .
henri is and will always be my master .
the navigator is the guide without him robby will be blind , that's why i asked TOG to , if possible , give us the helmet conversation of rg and jc .
i'm sure will get something eventually .
al right sorry for the overflow .... i'm passionnate huh !!! lol
c ya around


At 2:23pm on January 15, 2015, yano said…

hey , thx for the link .
am i that bad so you are pointing to some advise ??? hahaha !
i am , well , was , when early teen , till mid 20's (i am now 40) a navigator on board a suzuki LJ80 , yes we raced these things ! lol . ( top speed like 40km/h in the woods ! lol )
local/national trail rides .
again thx , always good to learn .

At 2:01am on January 14, 2015, mj said…
Yeah Sasha is kinda like that when she goes to doggy day care , we get within a 1/4 mile or so and she starts barking and bouncing around in the truck . We can't even say the word Jen ( the owner of the day care ) without her getting excited
At 1:23am on January 14, 2015, mj said…
OMG that dog is TOOOOO funny ! No way would Sasha do it she's scared of her own reflection in the glass door lol
At 12:03pm on January 20, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
Yea no worries, thought I would just pass on some of my knowledge base and give you the other for if you needed some 411 on the spot lol.

I love watching Pruett in the DP's, takes me back to when he ran Trans Am. The 24hrs should cure some of my cravings for more racing for now LOL.

How ya doing down there with this weather, Dam has it been blowing up a storm here. I got tree branches down everywhere, dont know how they missed hitting the cars. Stay dry and safe down there, at least if you get stuck behind another cattle truck you wont notice all the shit coming out of it :P lol
At 12:48pm on January 16, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
Hey zoomsss, just incase you didn't notice I sent you some info about your Dakota to your in box, I thought I was gonna be long winded lol. The sun is trying to shine through today, guess I better try to take advantage of it since were suppose to get some big storms next week, I need to get me 3 wheelers prepped for incase of snow. Now I will have Dakar withdrawls until Daytona starts :(
At 4:21pm on January 14, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
Hows the fog down there? Got the sunshining to day but shit was it cold this morning lol.

Ok tell about the Dakota, Why do you think it needs a new cat? Is the motor using oil? When I worked at the dodge dealership years ago, we changed cats left and right on those things, great truck...bad cats lol. Changing a stupid ass cat is what started my back aches :p There is one machine shop in Toulumne that is kick ass with motors, they have some high dollar equipment in that place. Most places I know just swap in a reman and you never know what kind of piece of shit you get sometimes, though sometimes you get a good 1 lol
At 2:18pm on January 10, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
The sun and its actually starting to get warm
At 2:15pm on January 10, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
Arnold is nice but there is nothing in the way of stores so I can could see why they did. We have a tractor supply going up and Kohls is supposed to be going in were Gotchshalks used to and rumors of penny's going in were mervyns was. The shopping center in Riverbank is like a candy store for me, its usually cheaper for me to drive down to the orange box and get what I need than getting it up here.
The joy of no bi-annual smog how I love that, though I do have a smog liscence lol. I like coming off the hill just to goto cold stone, that is so worth it :) And until we get some kind of department style store we still have to goto Modesto for clothes for the kids. On the upside though, that means In n Out Burgers lol
At 3:43pm on January 8, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
What you got some locals moving in near ya, around here its four wheel drives and car trailers if your local lol. I miss the city for its convience of things but thats about it, but when all you have is walmart its hard not to lol.
The weather has been up and down, 1 day t-shirt weather the next im looking for my heavy jacket. I dont much in the way of the fog like you do
At 10:48am on January 8, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
LMAO zoomsss, I would be thinking the same thing plus throwing out some extra explicits. Then I would have to go looking for the nearest car wash since I drive a small lowered car, you know it would be all over the top of it. I'm sure the dog appreciated it plus all his/her friends, they might even want to give you the unwanted tire wash you dont need lol.
At 7:05pm on January 6, 2010, Speed Freak 7 said…
Dam, it is a small world on here zoomsss. It will be wall to wall cowboys n cowgirls down there in a few months lol
At 3:54pm on September 15, 2009, alan4s said…
I found the Dot-It Dude video on YouTube then used the embed codes from there to put it in the message. Just cut and past the embed code.
At 12:00pm on February 2, 2009, Mike/WC77 said…
Interstingly enough, the Camaro in question is on the cover of the new Hot Rod magazine. Saw it yesterday....they took a lil better quality pics, than me.
At 4:02am on February 1, 2009, Mike/WC77 said…
Yeah, it gave me the impression it was the Camaro answer to Elenanor. Take a look at the pic of the front end again. not stock at all. the thing was sick.
At 12:07am on January 9, 2009, Mario said…
The page you linked to was the Overall Standings page. All penalties earned over the course of the rally will show up here...if a team gets multiple penalties, this number will grow over the course of the rally.

Now, under each class is a list (Scratch, Stage, Overall). If you click on "Scratch", it will list the cars by time taken to complete that stage, but not take any penalties into consideration. If you click on "Stage", it will list the cars by time taken to complete that stage with any penalties added to that time that the team got for that stage only. In some instances, if a penalty is not for an infraction that occured during the timed section, they will add the penalty to the overall standings only.

For a couple of examples:

#306 did not have any penalties listed on the "Stage" or "Overall" pages for Stage 1, nor was there any penalties listed on the "Stage" page for Stage 2. However, on the "Overall" page for Stage 2, there was a 2 hour penalty listed. That penalty has remained at 2 hours through Stage 3, 4, 5, and now 6.

#300 had no penalties on Stages 1 through 4. On Stage 5, on the "Stages" page, you will see a penalty of 15 minutes. That same penalty is on the "Overall" page for Stage 5. It is also listed on the "Overall" page for Stage 6, but if you look at the "Stage" page for Stage 6, there is no penalty listed.

If you need any clarification, let me know.

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