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At 11:29pm on August 23, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda! There have been many changes to the site recently, I can't even tell you what they all are. LOL

Robby and Scott Wimmer are entered at Bristol this weekend, hoping that they both get in. I imagine if Wimmer does get in he'll be a S&P.

I didn't know you were having problems with your allergy shots, hope that getting them halved helps you. It's never fun to have a bad reaction to anything. Take care and TTYL ! Hope you also have a good Wednesday ! Sherri
At 6:11pm on August 20, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
You're welcome Lynda, wish it were better news. As for not seeing on the latest activity list that you left a message for me, it hasn't shown those for a while now. I guess no one wants to see that on the side, or maybe they don't want it to look too 'cluttered up' with personal messages. Just another of the changes to the site. TTYL ! Sherri
At 5:46pm on August 20, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Well it was a good race for Robby today, he led a bunch of laps , but then he had a bad pit stop which put him back , but he got back to the top 5 , in a battle with Alex Tagliani , they swapped positions a number of times but the worse possible thing happened, Tagliani slowed down and Robby ran into him, which ended Robby's day. He was so close to having a great finish , but as he said "we beat ourselves" . The car was so fast .... these things are what knock the wind out of your sails , so to speak. Disappointing end to a great day. :( TTYL Sherri
At 12:22am on August 20, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! No problem with giving you a run down on the race, hopefully it will be full of good news. Have fun at the picnic. TTYL Sherri
At 5:51pm on August 13, 2011, vak7 said…
Enjoy the race!
At 9:56pm on August 9, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Sorry that you are disappointed , but that's been the way this year has gone. It all comes down to money , or rather the lack of it. After the past 2 races, I'm almost afraid of what might go wrong with the car , but you can't say anything about that these days it seems. On the bright side , the N'Wide race will still be a good one, even without Robby in it. It is after all The Glen , I don't believe it's possible to not enjoy the race. So , my advice is to go and have the best time you've ever had. =) TTYL
At 11:36pm on August 1, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Hi to you ! I have to say I'm not feeling forgotten on here, so don't feel bad. LOL There hasn't been too much going on here lately, and with Robby being the first car out of the race on Sunday, not much to talk about. Everyone is waiting to see what the plan is for Pocono , full race or S/P . Hope your night has been a good one , and will TTYL ! Sherri
At 3:56pm on July 19, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! My weekend was good , had some of my family here for a while on Sat., hadn't seen them in a while.Hope you had a good one. I think hot is a gross understatement !! I most definitely do not want this weather, but what can you do ? All I can tell you about this heat is 'stay hydrated' , drink plenty of water or Gatorade !! I read somewhere once that being dehydrated can make you feel tired and lethargic . Take care of yourself girl !!!!!

Good luck with the mortgage paperwork, that can be an adventure . Lynda, you can't beat yourself up about not getting everything done , you are after all only one person, you'll eventually get stuff done. I hear and understand about the day late and dollar short , that's the kind of life I'm living. LOL

Yes, Scott did an impressive job on Sun., kept the car on the lead lap until almost the end of the race. Not too bad since it seems no one really knew if he was going the distance or not. Hopefully Robby stays in the top 35 , since it could very well rain at the Glen that weekend. With the way the weather has been so far , anything is possible it seems .

I'm doing what I can to stay cool, hope you are doing the same ! Remember, drink lots of water !! Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 9:49pm on July 12, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Hello to you , thanks for stopping by, I was getting a little concerned about you. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, my condolences go out to you and your family.

It's good to hear that work has picked up some and that Kesi is having fun, so that's two positives in your life. I don't have any advice on what to do about being hot and tired, other than having an air conditioner in your bedroom so you can get some restful sleep. As for what is going on in the world, not much in the way of good things, it seems all the news these days is bad news. Sometimes I think we'd be better off not knowing what is going on. I find myself from time to time envying those who haven't got a clue about anything, they seem like they're perfectly happy. =)

I hope the rest of the week is a good one ! Take care of yourself ! TTYL ! Sherri
At 10:20pm on July 3, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! No, I don't have any plans. =( I really don't know where all they have fireworks, Clymer had them a week ago after the fireman's get together they had . People around here mostly buy firecrackers , which as you know are just a lot of noise. Hope you and Kesi have a great time .

Hopefully work will pick up so you will no longer be bored. lol I do understand what you mean about using your brain.

As for Robby and the race last night, since he decided at the very last minute to run the full race he had no drafting partner , so it was a scramble to find someone to work with him. The team also messed up on a penalty they got for their gas can leaving their pit , it was a stop and go , but Miles told Robby it was a pass through , so by the time they got that taken care they were then 4 laps down. If Robby had made his decision to race sooner , he might have been able to find someone to work with that would have maybe helped him to get a better finish instead of 34th. It seems to be the little things that are doing the team in these days , one only wishes they could get everything turned in the right direction. I guess it's something positive in a way that he's in the top 35 in owners points. With all of this S&P stuff and other things this year it's hard to be positive about anything. Oh well , what can one do but continue to hope for something good ?

Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 3:22pm on July 1, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Just stopping by to wish you a Happy 4th of July weekend !! TTYL ! Sherri
At 2:31pm on June 28, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Don't be too jealous of me , just think what you'll be able to do when you get a place of your own. I'm kind of envious of you being able to do the farm share thing, we don't have that here, at least I've never heard of it.

As for Daytona, some seem to think that an audible might be called and just maybe Robby will decide to race. Anything is possible these days, stay tuned. lol IMO nothing will stop Robby from racing at the Glen, rain or not.

I really hope that Kesi doesn't have a peanut allergy, what that would mean in terms of how vigilant you would have to be about what she eats is enormous. I can't even imagine being allergic to bee stings, so I hope you can get that taken care of too. Keep me posted ,okay ?

Hope you're having a good day. Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 2:11pm on June 14, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! I don't think you've really missed all that much the past two weeks, as Robby wasn't in the 7 the past 2 races. He did go to Baja, and he did finish the race, which IMO , was a victory of sorts. =)

Yes, I did get the summer clothes out, but this week is a lot cooler, more like early Spring. It's supposed to warm up by the weekend. Yay !

I have to admit that it's nice to know someone is thinking of me, Thanks ! TTYL ! Sherri
At 12:57pm on May 26, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Robby's weekend went like I had the feeling it would, he broke something, which seems to be the theme for him this year. Oh well, one of these days things will go his way. You gotta take of yourself girl, your health is the most important 'thing' you own ! I hope everything clears up before your camping trip, not much fun to be had if you don't feel well.

That is sad about your workmate, she won the fight with cancer but lost to the cure, life is sometimes too cruel.I hope Kesi didn't take it too hard.

I'm glad you liked the pandas, I figured as a hard working single mother you more than deserved to be remembered on Mother's day. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you on your last message, I wasn't feeling all that well for a day or two , plus I was caught up in the Sharks games , lame excuse I know. =) The Sharks are now out of the playoffs, so I can't use that excuse any more. LOL

I am enjoying the warmer weather, though not the prospect of severe storms, way too much death and destruction already this year because of the weather. All I can say is Mother Nature is really pissed and she's letting people know . On a lighter note, I guess I'm going to have to get my summer clothes out of storage as it's pretty warm right now. You wanna talk about white legs..... it's been a long time since I last wore shorts . LOL Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 4:22pm on May 16, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda! Just thought I'd stop by and say Hello, as it has been a while . How is the house hunting going ? Have you seen anything that has grabbed your attention, or has it been slim pickings ? Just a thought from me, have you looked at foreclosures in the area ? There could be something there to your liking , and just maybe in the price range you have in mind. Of course I have absolutely no idea what the going rate for a house is in NY, although I do know that here the prices are a bit high. Good luck on your search for your little piece of 'homeowner heaven' . =)

Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your mothers visit. Tell Kesi I said Hi . Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 8:07pm on April 28, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda ! Glad you both liked the Easter card, and that Kesi had fun . Did you tell her that the Easter Bunny is one smart cookie, and that he knows all about candy ? =)

Yes, we were in the tornado watch area yesterday, thankfully nothing happened here. I feel awful about those in the south, especially Alabama , boy did they get it bad. I hope this is the end of bad weather for a while , this month has been terrible.

The Sharks won their series against LA , now it's on to round 2 and Detroit . This series is going to be a tough one and the Sharks need to be on top of their game. Game 1 is tomorrow night, GO SHARKS !!!

It really stinks that you have to miss races. =( I too like the night races as well as the road courses , wish there were more of them. I hope you find a place that has internet access and a washer/ dryer.

Hope the weather isn't too bad up your wayand that you have a good weekend. Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 8:21pm on April 25, 2011, Billy said…
Hey Lynda,
Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Thanks for wishing me luck on finding more work, it worked Ii have been working 3 jobs here and there! I will return the luck so you can find a new home ..Ha-Ha.
How was your Easter? I had a blast with P.J.
I hope RG can stay on the lead lap at Richmond.. It looks like he might be running all of the races now?
I'm glad you like my avatar:,watch for that blue 'Cuda to blow up on ABC later in the season! Have a great week, Billy
At 5:58pm on April 18, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda, sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, I've been trying to get a little spring cleaning done . It's been tough with the rain we've been getting to keep things clean, but I'm nothing if not persistent. LOL How about Robby yesterday finishing 20th, with a lot of help from Casey Mears. He also made it through with very little damage to his car. That , IMHO , is what he needs more of this year , good runs with good finishes, with little or no damage to the car. Cup guys have the weekend off , but there is a Truck and N'Wide race .

As for the Sharks, they won their division and finished 2nd in their conference. Right now they are tied with the Kings 1-1 in their series, game 3 is tomorrow night. I'm hoping they play a whole lot better than last game , they totally sucked!

Enjoy the sounds of the birds in the morning , I do here all day long . Well, I don't get to hear ducks , and I haven't heard any turkeys in a long time , but I do get to hear a lot of other birds. I also get to watch squirrels out on my front porch as they eat the food we put out for the birds. There are at least 4 of them that come in , and they are very cute. =) We don't chase them away like a lot of people do, we figure they have as much right to eat as the birds do. I don't see where the birds are all that bothered by them , they eat right along with them.

Hope you had a good weekend, and that you have a good week. Take care and TTYL ! Sherri
At 7:17pm on April 17, 2011, Billy said…
Hey Lynda, haven't seen you on the Planet in a while. Hope all is well with you. The theater season is winding down soon so I am looking for extra work. It seems things are looking up for Robby with Speed Energy. I still have not seen it in South Fla. though. Have you tried it yet? Later, Billy
At 4:45pm on April 6, 2011, Sherri Fryer said…
Hi Lynda, the weather here has pretty much sucked for the past week , still waiting for warmer temps. =) I sure hope both you and Kesi are feeling a lot better.

Yes, Robby will be racing all this month, as for what is happening starting in May, I haven't a clue. He's being sponsored by Fast Five, which is the name of a new movie coming out on the 29th. I was happy with the result at Martinsville, and am certainly hoping for continued 'luck' at Texas.

Things here are about the same as usual, my uncle passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago, and I guess you could say I'm still coming to terms with that. I'll try to keep you up to date on the garden, as of now the carrots have started growing , as well as the radishes and peas. I'll be so happy when it finally gets warm enough to get the other plants in the ground.... thinking about peppers, zucchini , tomatoes etc, etc. Are you still thinking about growing some plants in containers, or have you changed your mind? It will be a shame if you can't grow at least a few things. Have you been looking for a new place , or haven't you had the time ? I know you have your hands full with being a parent and working full time, hope you're still finding some time for yourself . =)

Hope it's been a good week so far, and that you are feeling better. Take care and TTYL ! Sherri

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