I have been following Robby's progress since the race started yesterday. The GPS tracking shows him somewhere near La Salinas at 0 mph...I hope it's wrong. I am communicating with a certain "someone" ( also MIA right now) down there and waiting to hear what he finds out. Norman Motorsports’s Roger Norman and Larry Roeseler piloted their Trophy Truck to victory early this morning in Baja California Mexico. Robby's Team USA Teammate, B.J Baldwin has crossed the finish line, although I am waiting to hear his placement and time.

Southern Baja’s Andre Tomba has driven over a cliff…. Report is all is ok, however the weather has hampered getting them out of the mess. Boobie traps abound and I just heard on the radio transmission that someone was flipped on his lid. If you would like to listen to the transmissions click here.
There is a nasty little bit of controversial info regarding those durn Wabbits again. Gary Newsome , Editor of Baja Racing News.com reports “The Volkwagen Baja Race Touareg TDI team refused to give us (the racing results company for the Baja 1000) the black box”, “we still do not have the black box that was on the Volkswagen Trophy Truck in this race”. You can be sure that will be followed up on by the Great Baja Guru.

Robby's Natal Chart is posted on my page if your interested. I will be doing his progressions shortly so we can take a look at the aspects that are coming up for him.

Glad to be here!

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Comment by Walt Pendleton on November 22, 2008 at 10:51pm
I was able to join in the excitement of setting up Robby's pit and the disappointment of breaking it down after he was out of the race. It was grat to be there.

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