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Well I had a pleasant surprise today.
This morning a mom and her 3 year old son came into my office. The boy was wearing a new Robby Gordon Baja 500 T-shirt. I said "I know where you were this weekend." The mom said no he wasn't but his dad was. The dad was part of a teams pit crew and because his son is a Robby Gordon fan he brought the t-shirt home for him. Before I could say anything else a coworker came out of her office laid her hands on my shoulders and said, "well this is Robby Gordon's #1 fan." The mom with a smile, said really. I said yes. The coworker showed the boy my little Robby shrine autographed pictures. The mom said her son likes Robby so much that he is wanting to change his name to Robby Gordon. How cute.

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Comment by TOG on June 9, 2009 at 12:35am
That is a great story. Thanks for sharing it !

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