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Rain, rain, PLEASE go away!

It's about 8:30, Sunday evening and we're finally home from the track.We got to the track around 7:00AM and went in all directions, Mr Mouse, Sarah and Susan were autograph hunting, which left me on my own to get into whatever mischief I could find. Damn, I'm good at it.So, I wandered down to the SPEED area just to see what was going on. As my hubby so nicely puts it, I could step into a bucket of shit and come up smelling like a rose. Anyway, a couple of the guys were interviewing someone, and… Read More

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What happens in Dega...

I have tried twice to write this thing and every time I hit a wrong key and delete the whole thing. Maybe the third time is a charm. Anyway, I had an absolute blast in Dega and would love to go back again. Now for the weekend! Most of this will be devoted to Friday night at the Montana Saloon and Grill.

Thank the Good Lord and all that's holy that I emailed RGM to find out where Robby was going to be appearing! On that note we arrived at the above mentioned spot and basically settled… Read More

Added by Pathfinder7 on April 28, 2009 at 11:27pm — 13 Comments

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