So what has everybody thought of the actual races this year. Has the smaller spoiler and fin changes made for less action? Not that I'm a huge fan of the crashes, but more action is more action. I've felt that between the body changes and the switch to EFI that distance between the haves and have nots is really getting apparent. What say you?

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Without RG racing I hardly watch a race. Even last year when he was, if he went out I would shut it off.

Dave - I have to agree that it seems the changes have made a difference in allowing more drivers win. Tony, Biffle, Kane to name a few- without Kyle and JJ always winning. I feel that Kurt Busch's team needs a little more power or something, they seem to fade. Kurt is a good driver and I'd like to see him pull off a win. Jr. has been so close, but not be able to seal the deal and I'd like ot see Sadler pull off a win too, it's been a long time for him. Crashlousky better watch himself, hitting Tony on pit road was a really dumb move, I expect pay back this weekend or next. What do you think? Did you see the video of Max on the main pg. of this site? He is something else - drives just like his Dad.

That's funny you said that about Max, I was thinking the same thing. I can only imagine the skills Max learn from his pop and grand dad. It will be fun to watch the growth. On a funny note, could you imagine if Max told dad and grand dad he'd rather learn to play viollin than drive cool race cars and trucks. Sorry, my mind goes off on tangents.

EFI only made for DNF's, other wise it hasn't changed anything racing wise (other than the failure part) Since everyone except for Robby and two of the other S&P teams get engines from a major teams,the switch make no racing difference (except noted)


meh... I'd take or leave this season. I find it less interesting. I watch the Canadian Tire series, nationwide and trucks more than Sprint cup lately. way more interesting....

I missed Fontana because of the birth of my first daughter Anna (Anna.... Fontana.. it rhymes!), but for the most part I've watched it all, and like you, I don't neccessarily wish for crashes, but I do want good racing.. I haven't seen it this year.

I await road courses... turning right IS exciting!


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