Any ideas where he will find a race car for it?

Bud Shoot Out 2011

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I see alot of guys that are eligible,doesn't mean they'll drive the Shoot out.IMO
Yup, pretty much anyone with a Cup license now. And their pet dogs too. But, lots of people watch the race every year and as long as they do teams will run it.

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TOG, I don't think some of our folks here get the message
no they
It is hard to get anything when he is listed on the speed charts as driving the 7 car in todays practice.
Now I see when you open the speed chart on this page it opens the homestead times from I will assume last year.

I feel better now.
In some people's defense, virtually every website including KC's own Facebook page still list him as driving for RGM. Extenze Racing Fan Page on Facebook page still shows a RGM #7. Apparently their not too quick to move on...
kc said on tv during testing hes going to make a annoucement soon he has a ride for the bud shootout n i guess for the race too
Bet it's a top notch ride, if it exist's
yeah, real top notch...
That was meant to be a joke..........


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