Join in here and discuss all the weekend activities at Darlington for Robby Gordon. Here is the schedule for the weekend,all times eastern standard. First practice is on Friday,May 8th at 11:30am, followed by happy hour at 1:30pm both on SPEED. Qualifying is Friday at 5:10pm, also on SPEED. The race is on Saturday ,May 9th at 7:00 pm. Don't forget live chat on Saturday, beginning at 3:00pm. (Live chat is a popular feature,but for those who don't care for it,please continue to post your thoughts right here on raceday.)

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100 points?? Is that about 21st place?? I could see that happening.. or even better than that!!
Yes, 21st pays 100 points. I would take that. I would also like to see him gain some ground on Paul and Joey.
Yes Sir. 21st. Just out of interest, How many Owner points will be given to the # 41 and # 82 ? I know teams get given some points even when they miss the race.
31 to Mayfield and 28 to Speed....they keep the -3 per spot going down in the order of qualifying ..
wouldn't it be 31pts and 28pts for 44th & 45th place in qualifying for owners points?
Thanks for that. I thought it was about 30 or somthing. So he needs a good finish really because even with the # 82 not racing, Robby's not making a total gain on Speed's team If Robby finished late 30's (really hope not) he wouldn't make that much of a points lead.
Robby avoided the wall like it had the
Scott Speed goes home and so does....


Scott Speed is so talented....hes future cup champ....just like Jeremy.
This Nationwide Race is a crap
Alan Bestwick just said it has been an action packed race. What race is he watching?
Look at Scott Speed missing the Cup race and SCREWING up the Nationwide Race with 3 to go..LMAO!

Kyle has to be pissed!


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