Join in here and discuss all the weekend activities at Darlington for Robby Gordon. Here is the schedule for the weekend,all times eastern standard. First practice is on Friday,May 8th at 11:30am, followed by happy hour at 1:30pm both on SPEED. Qualifying is Friday at 5:10pm, also on SPEED. The race is on Saturday ,May 9th at 7:00 pm. Don't forget live chat on Saturday, beginning at 3:00pm. (Live chat is a popular feature,but for those who don't care for it,please continue to post your thoughts right here on raceday.)

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someone wrecked i think...maybe Kyle..I stepped away from my Pi Command..waiting for TV to catch up
make that Jimmie
Take that car to the GAAAAAYRAAAAAAGE!
Jimmie wreck? You mean he is human? All along I thought he was "super racer".
That is definitely good news. I recorded it and I am trying to catch up now. I am up to Matt Kenseth, looks like he ends up on the pole.
We need to bring home a nice top 25/top20 and really oull away from that T35 precipice here....

Get er done Robby!
RG finished 4th in the 1st 2004 race, 15th in the 2nd 2004 race and 13th in the 2006 race. I will take any of these finishes. He finished 38th in 2007 and 33rd in 2008, I would like to avoid those.
we were good here with RCR and in the older car in general...
So much for that.
Glad qualifying didn't get rained out as Robby will start 28th tomorrow as opposed to 34th (set by owners points). Didn't get to see qualifying as I'm at work, is the car in one piece (no stripes)?
It would be big if Robby can bag at least 100 points tomorrow with the # 82 going home. Nothing like a bit of breathing space.


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