Join in here and discuss all the weekend activities at Charlotte for Robby Gordon. Here is the schedule for the weekend,all times eastern standard. The ONLY practice is on Friday,May 15th from 12:00 -1:20pm. Qualifying is Friday at 5:10pm, also on SPEED.Impound after qualifying. The race is on Saturday ,May 16th at 7:30 pm. There will be two 20 lap segments.Don't forget live chat on Saturday, beginning at 3:00pm. (Live chat is a popular feature,but for those who don't care for it,please continue to post your thoughts right here on raceday.)

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Thanks to Trackpass Raceview I can watch the race hear in Jamaica.. they dont have regular programing were I am at.. anyway.. any weather updates yet?? last word was rain??.. hear in Jamaica its was pouring all day as well.. WTF??
where's the live chat?
14th and charging hard...
Good strategy to pit here
solid run, they will be good for next week.
scanner replay for the shootout will be available on Sunday.
good run for RG tonight, good practice, long race next weekend but i think he can have a good night.

all star wreck fest now, 18 is wild
shame qualifying was scrapped,so all things considering, it was decent.
motor seemed very good (for this and the ROad Atlanta test session), and if they perform well/last for the 600, I do no thtink we have any other worries. Next week has to be the hardest race on the motors(I imagine)


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