Join in here and discuss all the weekend activities at Atlanta for Robby Gordon. Here is the schedule for the weekend,all times eastern standard. First practice is on Friday at 3:00pm, followed by Qualifying at 6:30pm , 2 practices on Saturday and the race is on Sunday ,March 8th at 1:30 pm. Don't forget live chat every Sunday, from 10am-10pm ( Live chat is a popular feature,but for those who don't care for it,please continue to post your thoughts right here on raceday )

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for what..a top 31? lol

The one thing I have learned about Robby is as long as he has a car that can somewhat run..he'll do fine. So when we practic in the 20-30th rnage I am usually not to worried, especially starting 19th.

Its running the 35-43rd in practices and 35th an dback starting spots that are worrisome
top 7
Look at the weather now compared to the warmer conditions tomorrow. Why adjust for cool conditions. Not saying that is completely the case, but it is possible.
the weather has changed non-stop since first practice.
sounds like we almost just duffed it in the wall from DW
probably very sideways as DW said he could read the number on the car
Darrell said Robby was so sideways he could read the side of the car off the corner. No video as of yet...
yeah we almost just hit th wall again last lap was a 164...not good
Interesting comments by Mike Mulhern regarding the tire situation for this weekend

Mulhern kicks ass !
I do like his commentary. Is this the "new" media though? Build a website with your name on it. Have some polo shirts made up with your initials on them. Then post videos on YouTube. Can someone really make a living doing this?
Mulhern was laid-off from The Winston-Salem Journal after 35 years covering NASCAR. Kudos to Mike for trying to do something different. I hope it pays off for him.


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